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Terms of use of the Message in a Bottle Newsletter

Subject matter provides the Newsletter via e-mail as a free, publicly accessible information service. The Newsletter and the information it contains shall be additionally subject to the stipulations on the Imprint page, which include a disclaimer/exclusion of liability, unless the Terms of use specified here differ from those stipulations. In case of doubt the Terms of use shall take precedence.

Registration and processing

You register for the Newsletter by e-mail using the double opt-in procedure. First, you register to enrol for this service, stating your e-mail address. You will then receive an automated e-mail reply containing a temporary password. Second, you enter this password to confirm your registration for the Newsletter service. Only then will your account be activated. This procedure ensures that no one can accidentally or illicitly use someone else’s e-mail account to register for the Newsletter. Your subscription to the Newsletter begins when you send off your registration.

Termination/cancellation e-mails the Newsletter to subscribers on a regular basis. You can cancel your subscription without notice at any time by clicking on the corresponding link in the Newsletter. To change your registered e-mail address, please go to “Service – Newsletter” and fill in the form again. All personal data saved in connection with a subscription are deleted immediately when it is cancelled. If you cancel your subscription, will not send any further Newsletters to your e-mail account. 


Subscribers have no entitlement to the Newsletter service. has the right to suspend or discontinue distribution of the Newsletters without prior notice at any time. shall make every effort to prevent technical malfunctions in the dispatch of the Newsletter. However, without prejudice to the other provisions of the disclaimer on the Imprint page, shall not be held liable for damages caused by errors, delays or disruptions in transmission, malfunctions in the technical systems and the service, incorrect content, loss or deletion of data, viruses or other factors arising in the context of the Newsletter subscription unless has caused such damages wilfully or through gross negligence.

Privacy policy complies with the legal provisions on data protection. Please refer to the privacy policy provisions for more information.

The personal data required to register for this service are collected for the sole purpose of sending the Newsletters; they are saved and used for the duration of your Newsletter subscription. Personal data are deleted immediately once a Newsletter subscription has been cancelled.

The disclosure of personal data to when registering for the Newsletter service is voluntary. However, we will not be able to send you the Newsletter unless you submit the data marked *. analyses anonymised data on the user behaviour of all subscribers to the Newsletter for purely statistical purposes. 

Amendments or revisions to the Terms of use may, at any time, partly amend or fully revise the Terms of use for this service, which is provided on a voluntary basis. In such instances, shall inform subscribers of the amended or revised Terms of use via the e-mail address provided during registration. By continuing their subscription to the Newsletter, subscribers shall be deemed to have given their consent to the amended or revised Terms of use unless they explicitly state otherwise. shall make specific reference to this assumption of consent when notifying subscribers of the amendments or revisions. Users who refuse their consent shall be unsubscribed from the service and shall not receive any further Newsletters.


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